Service Work

Can I Be a Phone Volunteer?

What is Involved?

Any AA member can be a phone volunteer. A year of sobriety is recommended but less time is acceptable if your sponsor agrees. It’s a great experience. It gives you a chance to be personally (though anonymously) helpful to others. It’s fun to welcome a visitor who called to ask about where local meetings are. Many calls are routine questions, but now and then you get to try to allay the fears and awaken the hope of a suffering alcoholic, while telling him or her an AA member will contact him or her soon.
When you start, an experienced volunteer will show you the ropes at the office and how to use the book of instructions which also includes meetings lists, 12th-Step volunteer lists for each area, etc. Rules are few, the principal one being that a 12th-Step volunteer’s and other’s phone numbers are never given out to callers. The 12th-Stepper calls the person who called for help. Volunteers are always needed. If you are reluctant to make a commitment for a regular time slot, remember that we also need people to fill in for regulars who are sick or away. 12th-Step volunteers are always needed too. This is the way to become involved in direct 12th-Step work. If you are interested, call Metrolina Intergroup Association at 704-377-0244. It is a great opportunity to be helpful, to put gratitude into action and to carry the message.

Thank you! MIA Staff